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Skin Magic

The cannabis leaf extract in this ointment has been shown to reduce inflammation, heal broken skin, calm Rosacea, remove skin tags and warts. Real Customer: “Sometimes the pores around my

Hemp Root for Pain

#199 Hemp Roots for Pain. Our formula uses the Hemp Root Serum in combination with Essential Oils to calm the pain of overworked, sore muscles. Many people suffer needlessly from arthritis. They

Hemp Root Serum

#193 Hemp Root Serum. Hemp Root Serum is a healing serum that is extracted from the hemp root. It is the only one currently available - to our knowledge. The beauty of this serum is that it

Resin Buster Hand Cleaner

#196 Resin Buster Hand Cleaner. Resin Buster Hand Cleaner was originally formulated to clean hands after trimming Cannabis. We discovered this cleaner when we ourselves needed an effective