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Hemp Root Serum

#193 Hemp Root Serum.

Hemp Root Serum is a healing serum that is extracted from the hemp root. It is the only one currently available – to our knowledge.

The beauty of this serum is that it reduces bruising, inflammation, and burns. We have tested Hemp Roots Serum out on a few fresh bruises, and they magically disappear in a day or two.

Hemp Roots Serum takes the sting out of burns and heals the skin very quickly.

Hemp Roots Serum even works on Acne – reducing the inflammation response and healing the skin.

The serum contains no THC.

  • Hemp Root Serum can heal fresh bruises within a few days.
  • The inflammation response is reduced – especially with Acne.
  • Burns can sting, and this serum takes the sting out and promotes healing.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Hypo-allergetic formula.
  • Contains no THC or CBD.
  • Made from organically grown plants.
  • No pesticides were used.